TERRANUS Wissenswert Digitale Pflege Kreidenweis Interview

Digital care: Machines as a panacea?

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Digitisation in nursing care offers many opportunities, improves processes and relieves nursing staff. Prof. Helmut Kreidenweis explains in an interview how this potential can be used without overstepping boundaries and why ethical standards are important.


Care 4.0: Wanted – creative ideas!

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Time for (R)Evolution: “Ambient Assisted Living, artificial intelligence and demography-oriented neighbourhood development would revolutionise the lives of older people in Germany,” says Carsten Brinkmann.


Don’t be afraid of creativity!

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Sticking to the beaten track and conventional ways of thinking hinder better healthcare service offers for people in need of care and thus let opportunities slip away. Legislative shackles are increasingly leading to a “one-class system”, exacerbating the loss of individuality.


More competition, lower costs

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When the number of competitors increases, prices drop: this correlation also applies to the healthcare market, as is shown in the current market study from healthcare property consultants TERRANUS. According to the report, a high nursing home density significantly decreases care charges and increases quality.


What is the trend in nursing home rents?

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New product: For the first time, TERRANUS is publishing an investment cost index for nursing homes. “And thereby an excellent indicator for tracking changes in rent,” explains Markus Bienentreu. The index starts with the assessment of the state of Hamburg, and the other federal states will gradually follow.


Analysis beats instinct

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First analyse, then invest: whether the purchase, construction or operation of a healthcare property pays off or not depends on a lot of factors. What does local purchasing power and population growth look like? Are the quality of living conditions right and how high are operating costs compared to the competition?

TERRANUS Wissenswert Markus Bienentreu Rekordjahr 2016

Record Year 2016

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2016 – a year of superlatives. Never before have more care properties in Germany changed hands. More than € 1.75 billion were turned over in portfolio deals alone. Markus Bienentreu explains why the data still leave a lot to be desired as far as precision goes.

TERRANUS Wissenswert 28 Milliarden fuer Pflegeheime

€ 28 billion for care homes!

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Demographics bump into reality: Germany will have 3.4 million individuals in need of care by 2030. Around one third, in other words, more than one million people, will then need an inpatient care place. To cover rising demand, 250 new care homes comprising 80 places each will need to be built – every year!