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More competition, lower costs

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When the number of competitors increases, prices drop: this correlation also applies to the healthcare market, as is shown in the current market study from healthcare property consultants TERRANUS. According to the report, a high nursing home density significantly decreases care charges and increases quality.


Record Year 2016

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2016 – a year of superlatives. Never before have more care properties in Germany changed hands. More than € 1.75 billion were turned over in portfolio deals alone. Markus Bienentreu explains why the data still leave a lot to be desired as far as precision goes.


€ 28 billion for care homes!

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Demographics bump into reality: Germany will have 3.4 million individuals in need of care by 2030. Around one third, in other words, more than one million people, will then need an inpatient care place. To cover rising demand, 250 new care homes comprising 80 places each will need to be built – every year!


“On the subjectivity of figures”

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The demographic wave is rolling, and demand for healthcare properties is rising rapidly. Investing? Yes, but better and differently! An interview with Carsten Brinkmann, TERRANUS Supervisory Board Chairman.


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