Digital care: Machines as a panacea?

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Digitisation in nursing care offers many opportunities, improves processes and relieves nursing staff. Prof. Helmut Kreidenweis explains in an interview how this potential can be used without overstepping boundaries and why ethical standards are important.


More competition, lower costs

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When the number of competitors increases, prices drop: this correlation also applies to the healthcare market, as is shown in the current market study from healthcare property consultants TERRANUS. According to the report, a high nursing home density significantly decreases care charges and increases quality.


Identified – and fixed: Five asset management tips

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Risk-free investment? This is also just a pipe dream when buying healthcare properties – but you can cut risk radically by applying these tips from TERRANUS.


Information and insight for You!

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Exciting, entertaining, current: we’d like to share our knowledge about healthcare properties with you. Our online magazine features many articles about current trends, as well as tips, facts and analyses.


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