Our strengths

Excellence from a single source: healthcare properties are always also management properties. Whether you achieve your goals largely depends on whether the healthcare property is operated intelligently. This is where our experience and precise market and operator knowledge come in to assist you.

We combine two of the sector’s central disciplines in a unique manner: we advise banks and investors in selecting suitable healthcare properties. And we don’t leave you on your own after your investment decision, as we are also Germany’s leading advisors for healthcare property management – a strength our customers rely on.

Specialist real estate agent and operational adviser with two decades’ experience – a unique combination on the German market.”

Carsten Brinkmann Supervisory Board Chairman

Our services

Knowledge creates values: the gross yield on healthcare properties significantly exceeds yields on commercial, office or residential real estate. TERRANUS helps you leverage these prospective returns along the entire value chain, starting with choosing the right property and ending with the detailed work, as this is what you need to operate a care home sustainably and successfully. Our team of experts accompanies you on your path to success.

Analysis tools

Reliable data instead of instinct: comprehensive, precise and up-to-date information about an investment property and its market environment forms the basis for good investment decisions. In the highly fragmented and fairly opaque care market, TERRANUS helps you with database-supported analysis tools – something unique in this form in Germany.


A highly precise and fully up-to-date analysis of competitors, locations and potentials for planning a newbuild care property – helping you to optimally secure your investment. The TERRANUS Care Atlas delivers this evaluation as a constantly updated, database-supported geo-information system. It includes all relevant data and key figures about all inpatient care facilities in the whole of Germany. These include current place figures and cost rates for care, accommodation and food, among other expense factors. To these are added data for catchment areas, including purchasing power and population growth trends, for example. This information creates a well-founded and reliable basis for your investment.


Classifying and precisely evaluating key corporate data: this is exactly the reliable decision-making basis this analysis instrument provides for investors, financiers and operators of care facilities. The database-supported tool compares the key performance indicators (KPI) of the facility being analysed with comprehensive current industry benchmarks and generates an objective and differentiated rating. The real highlight of this analysis tool is that the rating is based on a predefined comparison group of similar operations. Deviations from comparable care facilities – upwards or downwards – are visible at a glance. It also takes regional differences, backers and operating forms (fully inpatient facility and/or assisted living, lease versus ownership model) into account.

TERRANUS property rating for care homes

Whether a top property, a problem case, or just average: the TERRANUS property rating for care homes provides a differentiated analysis of a property’s strengths and weaknesses. The property rating is based on four groups of criteria:

  1. Socio-economic effects (including purchasing power index, local utilities, public transport and green areas).
  2.  Refinancing and operator quality (including level of investment costs and rent).
  3. Property (including facilities and equipment).
  4. Room and function program (including number of beds, room sizes and building form).

In contrast to other analysis tools, the TERRANUS property rating tool – which is unique in Germany –weighs potential deviations from the average separately through an adjusting factor. This directly highlights strengths and weaknesses, making it easier for you to decide whether or not to invest. The flexible property rating also takes any changes into account, including in care rates, for example. This directly affects the rating result and ensures up-to-date and well-founded evaluations at all times.

TERRANUS Investment Cost Index

The Investment Cost Index provides investors and operators with a reliable instrument that enables transparency in tracking changes in rental prices for nursing homes. The index is based on market data in the TERRANUS Care Atlas. The database-supported geo-information system has been collecting all relevant key figures on all inpatient care facilities throughout Germany since 2007. In addition to investment costs, this includes current care place numbers and rates for nursing care, accommodation and meals. The key figures are supplemented by data on the catchment area, such as purchasing power and population density. With its detailed knowledge, TERRANUS develops a value that not only enables but actually guarantees comparability. Thanks to the strong correlation between investment costs and rent, trends in care home rent can be be precisely tracked over years.

Values and philosophy

Excellent location + demand-driven concept + financing in line with market = stable yield. This equation to correctly select and successfully operate healthcare properties looks simple enough, but needs precise market knowledge and a great deal of experience to implement. But even that is not enough for us. We’re convinced that if you want to sustainably tap the opportunities offered by the healthcare market, quite apart from any justifiable profit expectations, you have to be interested in one thing above all – the people involved.

Or do you think a care home with low standards makes people happy and guarantees high utilisation rates? No – neither do we. We aim to create values together with our customers. Reliably and permanently.

Social commitment

We care for values – and we put people first: This self-image is also reflected in the social commitment of TERRANUS. That is why the management donates their speaking fees and publication royalties to local charity. Several initiatives such as Integrationsprojekt des Kinder- und Jugendzentrums Pinocchio der Malteser (Malteser integration project, children and youth center) have benefited from these activities. In addition to promoting local school projects, the management was also involved in projects of the Caritas association and the Johanniter Order: with their donations, they supported the Hamburg Caritas association’s Elbmütter project and the Johanniter educational program LILALU.

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A strong team with one common goal: We want the best for your property and your business. Managing Director Markus Bienentreu is responsible for the business area of real estate and operator mediation as well as M&A. Managing Director Anja Sakwe Nakonji leads and manages a team of specialists in the fields of strategy and management consulting as well as reorganisation and restructuring.

Anja Sakwe Nakonji Anja Sakwe Nakonji


Markus Bienentreu Markus Bienentreu


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