Why does the value of my healthcare real estate portfolio react to current market developments, how can it be increased and reliably valued?

For investors and property owners, a solid determination of market value is crucial, but this is extremely differentiated in the case of a healthcare property. In daily valuation practice, a methodology specialised for care facilities and a great deal of knowledge about market data, risk potential and legislative framework conditions is required. TERRANUS recommends a complex SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis in advance. After all, in addition to the already numerous parameters, there are also new legislative requirements from 16 state home laws including ordinances. In concrete terms, this means that in addition to the derivative of the customary market returns from the investment follow-up costs for the nursing care rate, prescribed single room quotas and sizes, minimum sizes of common areas or maximum living area sizes also have a significant influence on this. This makes a solid valuation even more complicated for investors, capital-providing banks, auditors and experts. Thanks to our digital analysis tools (Care Atlas, KPI rating and standardised evaluations), we are always up to date.