Why does a good balance between location, concept and rental price promise sustainable success – regardless of economic developments?

Due to the demographic development and the expected population increase in the 65+ age group of almost 50 per cent by 2040, investors can also expect a solid return on their investment in healthcare properties in the future. This is because the investment is future-proof and extremely independent of economic cycles. In inpatient care, the quality of the premises, the reputation of the operator and a functioning team of care-givers are among the success factors. In the meantime, highly diversified offers that combine everything from service and outpatient assisted living to shared care housing or day care in one residential complex are particularly future-proof. Different sizes, equipment levels of flats or small bungalows enable individual offers, depending on whether a more luxurious or more affordable flat is sought, whether for a single person or a couple. In order to operate successfully here, the location is key. An inner city or city district location with good infrastructure, local amenities and public transport forms the basis. TERRANUS advises banks and investors on the selection of suitable healthcare real estate and is also on hand after the investment decision has been made. We know when, where and how healthcare property pays off and share our knowledge with investors so that they can invest safely and profitably.