Is your care business facing structural or economic challenges?

In order to prevent structural and economic challenges as well as crises from arising in the first place or to master them, TERRANUS advises to regularly put one’s own operational concept, processes, profitability and market potential to the test. Only a precise analysis allows for targeted intervention. Our database-based tool KPI Rating compares the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your business with comprehensive current industry benchmarks and creates an objective and differentiated rating. The real highlight of the analysis tool: the rating is based on a predefined comparison group of similar operations. Deviations from comparable nursing homes – upwards or downwards – are visible at a glance. Regional differences, funding bodies and forms of operation (full inpatient facility and/or assisted living, lease versus ownership model) are also taken into account. If a structural imbalance occurs, professional expertise and, under certain circumstances, project-related, consistent and strategic interim management are needed. With this support, for example the restructuring and reorganisation of your care business can be implemented much more quickly and consistently. TERRANUS takes over the concrete implementation of all strategies necessary for you, coaches the management, talks to banks, cost bearers and real estate owners or, in the case of vacancies, manages the entire operation until it is again running stably and successfully.