Is the location suitable for my concept, what is the market potential and what does the competitive environment look like?

The starting point for any strategic consideration is a precise location and competition analysis in the respective environment. What is the location suitable for? A classic care facility, for assisted living or for service or residential living? What quantity structures are required at the location? What services and care will the around 24 million seniors over 65 years of age want in 2040? What progress can be expected from digital development? How many full inpatient facilities are located within a radius of five kilometres? How many care places are there in total in the catchment area? How high is the competition’s average nursing home fee per care level, how wide is the range between the highest and lowest value? TERRANUS analyses the market, the location and the competitive environment for you. Our database analysis tools Care Atlas and Object Rating provide you with comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information.