How does my business perform compared to the competition, what are my strengths and weaknesses?

In order to be able to filter out the performance of your business as well as your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition, a detailed analysis of the market situation in the respective environment is required. How many inpatient facilities are located within a radius of five kilometres? How many care places are there in the catchment area and what is their single room quota? How high is the competition’s average nursing home fee per care level, how wide is the range between the highest and lowest value? Subjecting one’s own catchment area to a precise analysis of potential, as offered by TERRANUS, and knowing what figures the competition is working with – this is an advantage that should not be underestimated, also in view of changing legislative requirements. Our KPI rating for care homes provides you with a differentiated analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your business. The database-based tool compares the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with comprehensive current industry benchmarks and creates an objective and differentiated rating from this. The rating is based on a predefined comparison group of similar operations. Deviations from comparable nursing homes – upwards or downwards – are visible at a glance. If you also regularly put your own operating concept, processes, profitability and controlling to the test, you will have a good basis for success with your facility. This is always provided that your facility convinces with qualified care at a high quality level and offers employees a modern, well-structured working environment.