How do I secure my real estate investment if the business gets into economic difficulties?

If a healthcare property gets into difficulties, the problems of the operator are or become problems of the owner as well. In order to recognise warning signals at an early stage, TERRANUS recommends active monitoring as part of asset management. We observe the development of your investment and in parallel all relevant market and competitive parameters in order to be able to quickly counteract subtle or under-the-radar developments. 5 tips for owners:

  1. If a rent or lease payment is not received, owners should immediately seek dialogue. We will then find a suitable operator for you or step in as interim manager at short notice.
  2. Keep an eye on the occupancy rate. The national average is 91 per cent.
  3. The management of a nursing home is always a local business.
  4. Ask: How are the residents, how are the staff members? The information gets around and determines the future success of your real estate investment.
  5. Implement maintenance work quickly so that your care property does not lose its appeal.