How do I recognise at an early stage whether the rental payments for my property are also secured in the future?

The differentiated market analyses from TERRANUS provide a well-founded forecast of whether the rental payments for your property will also be secured in the future. Based on the data from our digital tools, they interpret the property’s future opportunities and risks with a great deal of market knowledge. And these analyses are essential. Because in rental negotiations for nursing homes, the legislator always sits at the table alongside the landlord and the operator. The legislator limits the refinancing of rents and index regulations via the investment follow-up costs – sometimes even for existing contracts. With our continuous monitoring, reporting and benchmarking, we therefore observe not only the regulatory framework conditions but also all parameters that influence the economic situation of the facility and ultimately also the refinancing of the property. With the Care Atlas, monitoring and the TERRANUS Investment Cost Index, we provide you with exact market data and reliable instruments to track the development of rental prices for nursing homes and to stay informed about the market for nursing homes, senior living and healthcare properties. You thus optimally secure your investment. As a database-supported, continuously updated analysis tool, the TERRANUS Care Atlas provides the necessary facts and information for this.