How do I achieve a fair market price when selling my business?

When it comes to the successful sale of your business, it’s important to know and approach potential buyers who can consistently expand their own business and implement their strategies with their business. With its in-depth market knowledge, TERRANUS supports you throughout the entire bidding process, from the invitation to tender to a differentiated company value assessment to the secure conclusion of the contract at the notary’s office. With our analysis tools and commercial due diligence, we provide a reliable picture of where the risks and, above all, the opportunities lie for a future operator. This creates a solid basis for the valuation of your business, protects you from wrong decisions and a sale below value. Until the notary appointment, it is important to avoid a number of legal and tax pitfalls even after the price has been determined. TERRANUS maintains permanent intensive contact with investors and operators, regardless of whether a suitable property is currently for sale or not. Thus the market screening with first information and contact to a buyer are initially carried out confidentially. If more concrete talks then take place, the parties sign a confidentiality agreement. In the complex valuation of healthcare properties, many consultants ignore numerous parameters, especially the effects of state-specific home legislation on the economic viability of the operation. Here, too, TERRANUS is at your side with its expert knowledge.