How can investors recognise an operator with a sustainable concept?

Not every property is suitable for every operator. From the investor’s perspective, in addition to the operator’s creditworthiness, a promising operating concept is an important evaluation criterion for securing an investment in the long term. With the growing number of care models and the political will to further expand the care infrastructure, the demands on operators are also increasing. Questions such as what areas of expertise are necessary for new business models and how the necessary staff can be recruited are increasingly coming into focus. How is the business model calculated, is it profitable and are the operator’s approaches sustainable? The successful further development of a facility can also be tied to the redesign of the property. Therefore, it is crucial for the operator to find a partner who will support the development process. Sometimes it is also worth acting via third parties, as the multitude of players is now almost impossible to keep track of. TERRANUS offers specialist real estate brokers and operational experience on the operator side, we check the facts that are important for your investment.