Does my service portfolio fit the location, which strategies promise more success?

Whether the service portfolio of your care facility fits the location and which strategies are successful depend on various parameters. To get an overview of the many factors, TERRANUS recommends a detailed analysis of all relevant parameters. Creative concepts and strategies that go beyond one’s own needs will lead to sustainable success in the future. This applies, for example, to collaborations that tap new space in expensive city centre locations. Strategic partnerships between supermarkets and operators are one example. With additional floors in centrally located shopping centres, the space can be used optimally, the earnings of the property can be increased and flats for assisted living, for instance, can be built in a cost-saving manner. That’s one example of many creative solutions. Because the greatly increasing demand for individual forms of care and living requires a variety of specialised and well-networked service, social and care offers, supplemented by digital assistance systems. Together with the operator, TERRANUS develops sustainable concepts that anticipate modern care structures and also meet the needs of future generations of people in need of care.